Variable use - Text. Not displaying??

Hi. I am trying to build a storyline that uses variables. I want a variable 'Roleis' (text) which is adjusted depending on the menu option that is selected. If they click on 'business manager' menu, the 'Roleis' is adjusted to the value of 'Business manager'

And then, when that menu takes them to another slide, the title of the slide will display '%Roleis% courses'.

but - %Roleis% does not display, and I can't see if my adjust variable function is working.


any suggestions.  This is in a concept model stage only. Clearly hasn't been built out.




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Ned Whiteley

Hi Elizabeth,

This is an easy fix. You simply need to change the order of your triggers to get this to work. Triggers are read and activated from the top down and so you are currently jumping to the next slide before changing the variable. Once the slide loses focus, all remaining triggers will not be activated and so your variable will not be changed.

Reverse the order of the two triggers to solve your problem.