Variables Question

Nov 23, 2021


I have attached a demo file for a course function that I would like to have.  I am created a quiz with a game wrapper - if the learner misses too many questions, they lose a life (heart).  

I set a variable that adds 1 to the sum for each incorrect answer.  The demo file works as expected except when I go the next slide.  If I click the incorrect box 3 times, the first heart changes state, 3 more times and the second heart changes...

When I click the next box, the hearts all reverted back to their initial state.  I need the states of the hearts to be persistent through the course.  If they lose a heart, it should remain that way unless they restart the course.  

Thanks in advance!

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Andrew Hoskins

Thanks Carolyn.  That does work.  However, I am dealing with a new issue now - I have attached an updated demo.  

I want the learner to have the option to use the mouse or keyboard. When they progress past the correct or incorrect layer - a trigger should add 1 to the sum of the appropriate variable.  the learner can click the enter button with their mouse or click enter on their keyboard.  Either one of those should add one to the variable value - unfortunately though, when they click one or the other, it adds 2 to the variable sum.  Any thoughts on how to fix that?

Thanks again!