Video from website (embed code) and complete tracking (media completes)


We have inserted a video into Storyline from an embed code from Vimeo.  Is it possible to track when the video is finished and show a complete button in Storyline or use a Complete trigger. We cannot use the seekbar as we do not know when the user start/pause/close the video - so complete should only be sent, when the web video is finished using Vimeos seekbar. 

We have tried using "Complete course as Compleded/Passed - when media completes", but it does not seem to react on media complete?

Does anyone know how to mark a embedded video as complete?

Thanks in advance :-)


Dorte Lynge Hansen

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Baden Brewer

Lauren - Is this simply not doable from a development standpoint on Articulates side? I know there are SO MANY of us who have requested this feature and need the ability to track progress on an external video (Vimeo / Youtube). I would think this would be a #1 priority for your team to implement as e-learning is moving towards more and more video content.

Can you let me know why this function isn't available? Is your team aware of this need? Why has it been YEARS with no progress from your end? I'm not trying to be rude, but just a statement from Articulate saying something like... "This isn't doable because of ____ and ____ and the limitations of SCORM and Vimeo's API not sending ____ through a web object."

Thank you.

Ren Gomez

Hi Baden,

I’m happy to shed some more light on tracking embedded videos. Our team has been aware of the requests for this, and while we acknowledge it has been discussed for years now, we're committed to making sure its impact and benefit come first. You can read more about our process here for how we manage feature requests.

I appreciate your need for it and will be sure to add your voice to our report. We don't currently have plans to implement this feature, but we'll keep evaluating it and let you know if those plans change.