Video Quality bad when publishing in Storyline

Feb 26, 2013


I have an eLearning module I created in Storyline. When I insert a video clip and publish it, the video is a horrible quality, yet when I view the video clip through Windows Media Player, it's crystal clear. I've tried inserting as a .AVI, .MOV, .WMV, and .MP4 (recommended) and even changed the quality settings as suggested on this blog. Is that a hiccup with Storyline? The original file was a AVCHD Video. The slide size was 768x 576. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have a project deadline on this and need these two video clips. They are simply an intro slide and conclusion slide...not large files at all. Are their specific video file guidelines I should be following? I searched the blogs and tried everything that's been suggested...changing the file quality to a higher level, etc. Still doesn't change the quality of the video after publishing. Thanks much!

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Nancy Woinoski

Jordan McClure said:

Hi all,

I tried Mike's workaround last week with great success. I was excited, as the blurriness in text during throughout the software demonstration was irksome.

However, I went through the same process this week, and for whatever reason, the quality of the video is no longer improving. If I open the video file up on it's own, it's clearly a higher resolution compared to the video in my project after performing a post-publish replacement.

Any idea why I would have varying success?

Couple things to check.

  1. Did you rename the video correctly so that it matches the name storyline generates for the video?
  2. Is the original video in the right format. It has to be an mp4 otherwise it won't work.
Jordan McClure

Thanks for the responses Ashley and Nancy. I think what might have happened (though I'm not 100% sure) is that my story size and video size were off by just a handful of pixels, and I believe it caused some unnecessary stretching.

In any event, adjusting the story size to match seems to have solved the problem.


Katie Riggio

Good morning, Shane!

I'm happy to look into the quality with you! You may have seen this already, but here are our recommendations on how to unlock the highest quality media in your Storyline courses!

If everything checks out there, are you comfortable with sharing your .story file with us for testing? We'll take a thorough look and share our findings with you!