Video with transparent background in Storyline 360

Jul 14, 2017

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting a video clip with a transparent background into Storyline 360 and if so, what format did you use so that 360 maintains the transparency.



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Andreia Rodrigues

Hi There, 
Flash has been dead since 2020, and it does not play in any browser anymore, so there is no point in publishing the videos in Flash. 
Will this EVER be possible for SL to recognise published videos with an alpha Chanel from Adobe Premiere or After Effects? Many users have been asking for this feature for years now. 

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

mp4 (h264) the main video format in storyline

no browser supports mp4 (h264) with transparency

current support of transparent video - as far as I know
 - Chrome, Firefox: VP9 (free codec)
 - iOS* / Safari: H265 (HEVC) (not free)

H265 (HEVC) license is not clear for commercial software projects

the lawyers from articulate would have to deal with the HEVC licensors

so storyline has to rewrite the whole video engine and pay some/much money to the licensors due to iOS only for the feature video transparency

i do not have hope


* all browsers on iOS have to use the Safari-Web-Engine (WebKit)

Brendan Mannion

Hi, unsure if anything has happened with this and if any way of importing transparent background files is possible yet? I am trying to import an AI instructor from Synthesia (via Premiere Pro to remove the green screen background). Disappointing if Storyline won't let me import transparent alpha channel background video to overlay it over my slide, if it used to be possible with Flash but not anymore? This feature is possible in lots of content creation software separate to storyline so must be possible to replicate? Any news would be most appreciated, thank you.