Visited State Shows on Selected State

Dec 13, 2022

I have a checkmark to denote visited states on my buttons. The client does not want checkmarks on the selected states. All three buttons are part of a button set, and everything works perfectly except the checkmark.

I know I could add a blue checkmark on top of the navy checkmark to cover it up, but if I need to move the checkmark, then I need to move it on both states for all buttons. If I want the checkmark to extend just off of the button, this solution won't work.

I know I can take the selected state and add it to the corresponding layer to cover up the button entirely. I have done this plenty before, but when I need to move the buttons, resize them, or change the text, it significantly increases my workload by having to do it on all the layers as well.

I know I could create a custom visited state and use variables/triggers to turn that state on and off, but it seems like a lot of effort to create those triggers for every button in the course.

Is there a way to solve this problem without ratcheting up the workload for a large course with well over a hundred slides and potentially hundreds of buttons?

I know this has come up before, and I've gone through the old posts, but I couldn't find what I was looking for and I'm hoping something in the past four years has come up to accomplish this.

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