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Crystal Horn

Hello Sri Harsha!  That's a great question.  Currently, you can edit the content and the voice of the text to speech feature.

We always listen to what customers are saying as they try out our new features, so thanks for chiming in!  I'll add your discussion to our feature request for more editing tools with text to speech.

Allen Dickerson

I'll echo Sri Harsha's statement. I've just begun a new assignment and have come to Storyline 360 from, (*cough*) a competing eLearning design too. That tool has VTML support and I have invested significant effort in learning how to use it to make text-to-voice "sing" as it were.  I sincerely hope you can bring this into S360 to augment its text-to-voice capabilities.

Going further, if you could find a way to address one feature of VTML that **doesn't** seem to work at all, despite being documented (the ability to add or subtract emphasis or stress on selected syllables)... then, I'd be prepared to assume the "I'm not *worthy*" pose! :)

Allen Dickerson

Just as FYI, VTML is subtly different than "editing the content" of the content and the voice.

As one example, although VTML can be used to add "pregnant pauses" within lines of text as can also be done by editing the waveform that results in S360... VTML also enables you to address things like how a string of numbers is read (you can tell it to read a phone number with the familiar pauses, and not expressing the "dash" between the third and fourth number of a 7-digit phone number), how to handle abbreviations and acronyms, parts of speech (different subtleties inherent in reading a word that can be a noun or a verb, as one example, like "chair" as either a piece of furniture to sit on or the process of leading a meeting), and, to use a common expression, decide whether to read "tomato" as Tuh-MAY-to, or toh-MA-to. 

Miguel Morales

After 3 years of the initial request, we haven't seen a progress towards VTML for emphasis or other pronunciation edits. Neospeech seems to be the company using this and implemented in Adobe Captivate. I'm sure Storyline can do the same; this tool is robust and you have good developers. Having it in Rise will be a blessing.