Want Objects from Layers to Show up in Base Layer

Mar 20, 2023


I am working on a Storyline file where when the user clicks buttons on the base layer, there are layers that appear based on the triggers. 

Is there a way to set up the triggers where only after a layer has been shown, some of the contents from that layer will appear in the base layer? 

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Judy Nollet

Here's how to make any object (text box, shape, etc.) appear on the base after a button (or other object with a trigger) has been clicked:

  • Create the object, and set its Initial state to Hidden. 

  • On the button, add a trigger that changes the state of the Hidden object to Normal.

The user can't tell whether the content is on the base or a layer. So you could use that trigger along with a trigger to show the layer. When the the layer is closed, the extra content on the base would remain visible. 

Tom Kuhlmann

You can also go into slide layer properties and deselect hide other slide layers. That would keep the layer open until it's triggered to hide. You still would have to deal with what you want to show and not show and that's where determining when to show or hide objects come in handy as Judy mentioned.

Depending on how complex it is, I'd forgo the layers and do as Judy noted since the end user doesn't know if it's a layer or base slide.