Want to Change Quiz Result Variable Score

I'm working on a course with a pre-assessment in Storyline 2. When the learner finishes it they land on a topic selection screen. Each topic's icon has an image state that tells them if they did well or poorly on that subject's questions in the pre-assessment. This state change is controlled by a number variable for each topic that increases whenever the learner correctly answers a question in the pre-assessment that's related to that topic.

Each topic has a brief set of "knowledge check" questions at the end. These questions need to be answered 100% correctly to count toward course completion.

There's been a functionality change request asking for the topics to be marked complete if the learner does well on that topic's material in the pre-assessment. So, not just the image state but to actually mark the "knowledge check" as 100% complete. I've looked around on the forums and I understand that I cannot modify the automatically generated quiz result variables with a trigger.

The results need to write back to an LMS. Does anyone know a work around?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Jennifer!

Do you have a results slide attached to the pre-assessments? You could have one for this, and another one for the Knowledge checks, and then a final one at the end which could capture the results from all of the other results slides, and you can set this one to report to your LMS.

Not sure if this will work for you, but you could also share the file if you would like us to look at the set up.

Jennifer Ritter

Yes, I was already having the results from the various results slides "add up" on one final results slide.

I realize now that I over-simplified my explanation. Each of the 6 modules within the overall course has its own pre-assessment and there are multiple topics following each pre-assessment.

I do believe that I found a solution though. To summarize, the topic icons mark off as complete when the number variable for the associated topic meets the minimum in the pre-assessment. Or, they still mark complete if the knowledge check is completed 100%. I changed the triggers that related to module completion so they referred to the icon's completed states rather than the quiz score variables.

Once all of the modules are complete. a course completion screen appears. I added a "Finish" button on that slide that is actually a disguised "Pick One" freeform question. There's a result slide tied to that question now and the course looks at that slide to determine completion.