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Jeff Momsen

Sorry, I didn't include all the previously taken steps. 

To alleviate the "did you try restarting your laptop?" kind of guidance, here is what we have already done:

  1. Player/Features/Player Controls/Accessibility controls: Checked
  2. Player/Features/Player Style: Modern
  3. Player/Features/Menus & Controls: On
  4. Design/Fonts: Upgrade Project Text: completed

Setting the Built-In variable Player.AccessibleText does not solve the problem. The Accessibility controls from line 1 already gives the user the ability to toggle that variable from False to True.

All setting it to True does is to set the Accessible Text toggle in the On position instead of the Off position when the course begins.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Jeff.

Thank you for reaching out!

How are you publishing your project when testing it with Helperbird (Review 360, web, LMS, etc.)? 

We have a bug report where Accessible Text Doesn't Work in Review 360 (or on the local machine), so I want to make sure we're ruling that out for your scenario. If that's what's happening, can you upload the project to a web server or Learning Management System and try Helperbird again?

Let me know if that works!

Phil Mayor

No worries, I get frustration I am testing something at the moment and everything I try is not working.

For accessible text, I mean when the variable is set to true, when it is false the text is an SVG and not resizable, when true it is text.

The the only thing you need to ensure is that the text is visible in the focus order (can be checked in the Size and position dialogue)

Jeff Momsen

It sounds like we are on the same journey. I find it interesting that you are working at the variable level rather than allowing the user to toggle it during the course. Is your audience more likely than not to use the reader? Is that why you set it to default as true?

We have an audience that primarily does not require accessibility assists, so our default is to leave the variable alone and just turn on the control for the user to decide.

Jeff Momsen

Hey Maria, that did the trick, at least in SCORMCloud! One giant step forward. It's nice to know we had been doing it right, just not looking at it the right way :)

Next I need to try it inside our LMS. We are currently publishing to Web and the zipped folder is then referenced as an asset in a larger SCORM wrapped course. 

(We have our own home-grown authoring tool and LMS, so sometimes we have challenges with an added frame layered on top of the Storyline frame.

Wish me luck!

PS - Any idea when the Review 360 might be fixed to allow testing there? Loading to the LMS is less efficient for testing.