Web Object Folder Not Included During Publish

I did some looking through the discussion area and came across a couple of previous posts concerning this issue, but neither of them produced any real fix.  So I want to post what I am seeing and how my "workaround" is letting me get my courses published.

To begin, I have some thirty individual policy documents that I am tasked with dropping into a course to present to the user for them to read and acknowledge and therefore track in our LMS.  Oh, and I am using SL-2.

This is a very easy project, I've done it many times using Studio '09 and '13 without any problems.

I was moving along very quickly, inserting the web Object into each course, each one taking only moments.  I used the Insert Web Object Preview tool to be sure I inserted the correct PDF into the corresponding course.  I published each course and move on to the next.  I then went to the folder containing all of the published SCORM packages and ran each on locally just to be sure I saw the documents (PDF) in each one.  And I did not.  Looking into the Folder of each course I found the following discrepancy - each course had a "story_content" folder but each of these folders was missing the requisite "WebObjects" folder and subsequent PDF.

I wiped out each iteration I had created and started over - same results.

I then uninstalled SL-2, ran the batch file to unregister the product and performed a clean install.  During this time, I wiped out all of the created courses - again.  I then created all 30 courses again - same results.  No WebObjects folder.

Clearly something is not working as it should so this is what I came up while troubleshooting.  If I created a folder (title not important but let's call it xyzWebObj) and placed my index.html and PDF in this folder, pointed to this folder during the Insert Web Object part of the course creation, my WebObject folder was then created during the publishing process and all is right with the world.  I found that this works if I place the folder anywhere but within the folder that contains the working Story file.  

I hope this detail can provide your team with some insight as to what might be wrong with my installation.  I'm happy to provide more data, just let me know what you might need.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Eric -- Thanks for reaching out! Based on the information you have shared, I think that it might be best to put you in touch with our Support staff directly for additional technical insights. I will go ahead and set you up in a case momentarily, and you should be receiving a confirmation email to the effect shortly thereafter. :)