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Katie Riggio

Hi Saumitra,

Thanks for raising this and for the screenshot! 

I'm having trouble recreating the experience when publishing a sample slide to Review 360: 


  • Which update of Storyline 360 are you using? I'm using Update 44
  • Is the content hosted on a web server or an LMS?
  • Is this happening with any font style or a certain one? I used Opens Sans (body).

Any clues you could share there are greatly appreciated!

Saumitra joshi

@katie Thanks for the reply.

1. I am using the SL360 update 45.
2. Yes, the content hosted on a web server, but the issue also appears on my local.
3. I am using Lato font, but looks like it's not a font issue because I have also tried with Opens Sans (body) but the output is the same.

Please note that the title is gating fetched from the below field in  Storyline.
We are publishing for WEB and SCORM versions.

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Saumitra!

Thank you for circling back.

I used Storyline 360 Update 45/Lato font and published the content for Web. Then, I uploaded the zipped package to Tempshare for a neutral baseline outside of another web server. 

The ® symbol renders correctly in the slide and player title when viewed on a desktop browser, but not on a mobile one:


Desktop | Mobile

I'm going to write this issue up for us to investigate. I'm sorry I haven't found a workaround yet, but I'll keep you posted with any new developments.

Becca Levan

Hello Carol!

Thanks for including a screenshot! It appears the original poster was experiencing symbols showing up instead of the ® symbol.

Your issue seems a bit different, so I'd like to gather more clues:

  • Are you seeing the ® symbol incorrect when viewing from a mobile device or from your desktop?
  • How did you publish your project—for the web, Review 360, for an LMS?

From here, I'd like to take a closer look for testing purposes. If you can share the .story file here, we'll reach out soon with our findings!

Carol O'Sullivan

Hi Becca, from my desktop. I published in Review 360 as well as a SCORM file for our LMS. I am attaching a sample of our story. The Registration Trade symbol should appear higher - it should not be in line with the text. I am using Alt 0174 to produce the symbol. If you try it in MS Word, you will see that it is displayed towards the top of the line ie superscript (sorry, I don't think I am being very clear :)).