When will storyline support direct import of .SVG?

I am back using Storyline due to a client request. It is been a long time and I have been using Adobe Animate to create e-learning for several years. In my test of the most recent version of Storyline, I have found that it is still exceedingly difficult to import custom vector graphics. This is frustrating for me because tools like Adobe Animate have a very smooth workflow for this. Many of the SVG files I create are quite complex and I need to be able to import them in such a way that they retain all of their vector characteristics. Will this be possible anytime soon? Otherwise, it is a dealbreaker.

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Katie Riggio

Hello Tom,

Thanks for taking the time to share how crucial this is for you!

We've heard how impactful SVG support directly in Storyline would be and have shared your thoughts in this feature's report. If we add this to a future update, we'll let you know!

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