WIndows 10 Upgrade stops Storyline 3 from opening

Has anyone else had a new upgrade from Microsoft Windows 10? I just loaded it this morning and now Storyline 3 will not open. I am also submitting a ticket but I hope there is a simple solution for this.

The Storyline Splash screen opens but I get a sound from the computer and then nothing happens.

Jeffrey Riley

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeffrey,

It looks like our Support team advised going through a repair.  You shouldn't have to do that each time there is a Windows update, but at times the Windows update can cause issues with how other programs are installed and that repair is a quick fix.

Let us know if that works for you as well Langston!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jane.  It sounds like you were also getting stuck when trying to open Storyline 3.  Can you try reinstalling once more for me, following these steps?

1.  Select Storyline 3 in your Programs list and choose to uninstall.  Reboot.
2.  Make sure you have the latest update of Storyline 3 downloaded from our site.
3.  Right click on Storyline-3.exe and choose to Run as Administrator to reinstall.  Reboot.
4.  Right click your Storyline 3 icon on your desktop, and Choose Properties.  Click the Compatibility tab, and check the box that says to Run this program as administrator.

Let me know if that helps.  If not, we can have a deeper look with our support team!