Windows 11 and Storyline 3

Dec 20, 2021

Hello, I tried updating to Windows 11 today but when I clicked to open Articulate Storyline 3 it wouldn't load. It got stuck on the first splash screen and wouldn't go any further. Is Storyline compatible with this version of Windows?

I've rolled back to Windows 10 for now but am aware there will come a time when I need to be able to use Storyline 3 with Windows 11.

Thank you.

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Becca Levan

Oh no, Guy, I'm sorry this is happening! Do you have any luck if you restart the computer and walk through these steps? Here are some additional tips.

If that doesn't help, please work directly with us in a support case so we can investigate further and help determine what's causing this. We'll figure out our next move after we hear from you!

Richard Lander

This morning I bought a new laptop with 450 Gb  of memory in order to use AS3 on a computer with sufficient memory. The new computer runs on Windows 11. I have downloaded AS3 three times and tried to install it each time. On each occasion I get the following message "You do not have enough disk space to complete the installation process or the installation folder contents have been moved, renamed or deleted.  Error: 80070643"

AS3 was running correctly on my older (2013 and Windows 10) laptop.

What should I do now? As the program has not even been installed, restarting the computer will not help.

Richard Lander

Further to my last post: I managed to install AS3 by making the changes in Windows suggested in the link posted by Becca Levan (above) but could not open it, despite following all the suggestions in the same link (uninstall AS3, restart, use sl3cleanup, launch as administrator, check de.NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services is activated) .... but still nothing. I'm sitting at my desk in front of a brand new laptop I can't use to work with Articulate Storyline.

Richard Lander

Hi Susan, I'm sure that Articulate will find a solution (you've probably seen from Matthew Bibby above that AS3 is listed as compatible with Windows 11). I bought a laptop with Windows 11 pre-installed and replacing it with Windows 10 is not straightforward although I understand it can be done.  

The solution for you when you buy a new laptop would be to make sure it has Windows 10 pre-installed (rather than 11). Upgrading later to Windows 11 will be easy and you keep the option of reverting to Windows 10. My problem is that my new laptop never had W10 in the first place.


Peter Brown

I saw the same freezing on the Storyline 3 loading screen similar (I think) as described in the original post after I finally upgraded to Windows 11 today.

Rather than the re-install (as is Articulates standard first response to such things), I found SL3 in the Windows 11 Start/apps list and right-clicked>Run As Administrator and that seemed to launch SL3 OK.  

Subsequent launches seem to be OK.

Hopefully it will continue to work.

Good luck!

Richard Lander

Hi Peter, Thanks for taking the time to share your solution. Right clicking and Run As Administrator is one of the suggestions offered by Articulate, but that hasn't worked in my case.

Ian from the Articulate Support Team got back to me as soon as I contacted them and has  offered a Remote Access session next week so that he can investigate what's happening.

Glad you found an easy solution. Thanks for the confirmation that AS3 will work with Windows 11

Richard Lander

As I posted above, I ran into a problem launching AS3 on a brand new laptop which came with Windows 11 pre-installed .... and which is now solved.

I received very prompt and excellent help from Articulate Support. In particular Ian Saavedra spent a patient 90 minutes working remotely through a whole series of possible causes and solutions without success. He escalated the case to a colleague (Clara) who immediately got in touch with the offer of an online meeting to continue to seek a solution.

in the meantime, as we had exhausted all the troubleshooting options we could think of, I did a complete reset on the laptop and reinstalled Windows 11 (which, as I mentioned, came pre-installed from the store) ... and AS3 launched perfectly.

I am really grateful for all the help from the Articulate team and other insights from fellow designers on this forum

Philippe Berset

Interesting and helpful thread.

However, I do hope that Storyline 3 will work out of the box eventually.

I do not have admin control on my work computer and the "run as admin" trick is out of my reach, let alone reinstalling the software or even Windows ...

I'm not updating to W11 only to be able to work with Storyline.