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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Sylvia.

Thank you for sharing a screenshot of the error!

We have an open bug report where the "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" error occurs when exporting to Word on a text-heavy .STORY file.

As a workaround, we recommend splitting the project into multiple parts by doing a Save As on the original .story file to reduce the number of slides. You can then export and translate the documents and import them into the original .story file.

I've added this discussion to the report, so we'll be sure to notify you when we have news to share.

Sylvia Wright

MANY thanks Maria!  Thank you for the work around. I will try it and see if it works although the error message was not quite the same. I am running on  Parallels so maybe there is something in the connection ???

I tried stopping Microsoft Click to run in task master and somehow got it to work, but I can't replicate it at all. So I attribute the success to a gift from God as I really needed the file to get to the translator.