Workaround for translating complete Word document from Storyline 360 Translation Export

Apr 29, 2023

There is an issue when using the Storyline 360 translation export to Word and using the Microsoft Translator in Word for a full document translation.

The Microsoft Translator translates the entire document, but Storyline 360 expects to see only the translation column translated. 

Therefore, the import back into Storyline 360 does not work properly.

The work around is:

Export the Word document from Storyline 360 (File>Translation>Export to Word). Use the full table option.

1. Translate the whole Word document using the Microsoft Translator (Review>Language>Translate>Translate document).

2. The translator will create a new Word document with the translation.

3. Copy the translation column on the right in the translated document.

4. Delete the translation column in the original exported Word document and then paste the new translation column in its place.

5. "Save As" the original exported Word document to an "import" document so you do not overwrite the original in case you need it later. This will be your import document. See example attachment.

6. Use the saved as file to import back into Storyline 360 (File>Translation>Import).

Note 1 : Selecting just the translation column of the exported Word file from Storyline using Review>Language>Translate>Translate Selection does not work. You can only use translation selection on each table cell one at time which would be very time consuming.

Note 2: This issue has been submitted to Articulate Feedback to Articulate Customer Support Engineering.


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