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Erin S

This is something that happens to my team and me constantly when reviewing courses, then it forces us to restart the  course from scratch. Most times when reviewing, our stakeholders are unable to complete a review in one sitting without having this error. It doesn't seem to happen in a consistent manner, but it is certainly frustrating to the point that we may not be able to use Review360.

The only "solution" I've figured is to open a new tab, load something, come back to the original tab, and hope it solves the problem. However, this isn't something we should have to tell our stakeholders. 

I'm going to fill out a request form, because I also want to inquire about being given the option to continue where we left off versus having to restart automatically.

Cindy Weitzel

Is there any known cause / solution for this? I see that Erin experienced the issue as recently as 2 months ago. I am new to Storyline, and just sent out a Review 360 for my first project to a set of managers. First manager tried to open - receives this message. He was able to open on his phone, but I really needed a more positive first impression for him.

Ren Gomez

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry this error is coming up for you. Are all your computers accessing the Review 360 site through the same network?

I'd look at ensuring the network endpoints and ports listed here are enabled with the help of your IT team. 

If you've done this, connect with our support team to take a closer look at what might be causing this!