Zoom feature in articulate/Rise

Hi everyone!

I have a image of a large document I would like my learners to be able to zoom in and read. I see that the zoom feature in Rise is very limited, so I have started using storyline in order to create a "zoom region". 

Have anyone done this before, and have a good idea for how to let the learners zoom to each part of the image? Do I have to create a new "layer" for each specific region they zoom  in to, or can I add a zoom-bar which they then can control the amount with, and then click on the area they would like to zoom? 


I found this thing: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_image_zoom.asp, and see that you can add javascript in storyline. It would be awesome to do something like this, but guess it's not that easy.

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