Zoom feature in articulate/Rise

Hi everyone!

I have a image of a large document I would like my learners to be able to zoom in and read. I see that the zoom feature in Rise is very limited, so I have started using storyline in order to create a "zoom region". 

Have anyone done this before, and have a good idea for how to let the learners zoom to each part of the image? Do I have to create a new "layer" for each specific region they zoom  in to, or can I add a zoom-bar which they then can control the amount with, and then click on the area they would like to zoom? 


I found this thing: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_image_zoom.asp, and see that you can add javascript in storyline. It would be awesome to do something like this, but guess it's not that easy.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kennet!

You're on the right track with using Storyline to create something like this in Rise!

I've created a brief example of how to create this so that you can still add text. Zoom regions aren't clickable so if you want the user to click, then I'd recommend using a marker.

Kara Waller

Good question. I'm attempting something similar in that I have a document I want my learners to view in parts. (there are several sections that we are discussing). How did the finished output look once she cropped and created layers for each section? Also would adding a zoom feature help too?  Thank you