Zoom Pic feature in a lightbox not working on classic player

Jun 30, 2021

Hi there,

I have made a copy of the two relevant slides.  If you select Review and then select View Documents, the View documents slide should open as a lightbox and the images have the Zoom feature on them but no zoom happens.  If I just preview the lightbox as a "slide" the zoom works.

Out of curiosity I tested in Modern player and the zoom work but the pictures vear off to the left.

We only use the classic player as our organization prefers the menu option on the top left of the player.  

Anyway curious if a bug or not or if me...

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Barbara!

Our team has logged a software bug for this behavior where the Zoom Picture feature does not work on a slide used as a lightbox when viewed on Classic Player.

The current workaround is to publish the file using Storyline v.51.24979.0. The zoom feature works as expected on a lightbox slide played on Classic Player.

We'll keep you updated in this discussion if this bug is shipped in an upcoming update.

Teresa Vanderpost

We prefer the Classic player and I would hope if it works in one player it should be fixed in the other player.  I have noticed that articulate has even done some improvements to the Modern player features but not in the Classic.  I struggle with not being offered the same features in both players doesn't seem fair to your clients.  Just my opinion....