'Zoom picture' function -- change location of magnifying glass/plus sign?

Hello, everyone.

Storyline 1 placed the magnifying glass in the lower right corner of a photo.

Storyline 360 places it in the lower left (please see attachment). This will require me to reposition all of the many photo credit markers I have in my courses...unless I can change the position of the magnifying glass.

Is this possible?





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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Allan,

The magnifying glass is inserted on the bottom left of the image by default, but I can see how being able to move the icon would make life a whole lot easier. That would actually make a great feature request!

I'm sorry that you'll have to take the time to reposition all of your markers, but I really appreciate that you brought this up. It helps us to know how folks are using this feature and how they'd like it to function. šŸ˜Š

Allan Dunlop

Done. Thanks very much, Alyssa!

One thing about being able to place the marker on the left is that it won't be close to the main text on the slides, where it can be a distraction. For now I'll just move theĀ markersĀ to the upper left of each photo.

I'm going through a major overhaul of the courses right now--repositioning these won't be too much of a problem while I'm already in there. Having the ability to reposition the magnifying glass wouldĀ be very handy for the next round of editing.

Thanks again.


Katie Riggio

Hi there, Ksenia!

No news as of yet, but you're in the right place to stay in the know on any new developments. We'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, Mike Enders has a helpful guide on how to create a custom zoom picture effect in Storyline. Could that work for your design? 

I'll also open the floor to the community to share any other ideas with you, too!