Zoom Icon needs to be movable.

Jul 10, 2019

Please give us the ability to drag the zoom icon that appears on the image to whatever location we want on the picture.  As often as not, the icon obscures vital parts of the unzoomed image.

The ability to simply drag to move the icon to the desired location would be ideal.



In PowerPoint, I can CROP a pic and drag the bottom edge further down creating blank space in the picture below the picture.  This space stays, even if I then copy the picture into SL, it gives me the effect I need and effectively moves the magnifying glass off the picture down below it.

When I try to do the same crop trick in SL, it doesn't work. SL let's us crop and drag the bottom edge down, but when we exit the crop tool, the picture moves to fill the lower space, so no dice.

Therefore, it seems one easy path to giving us the ability to move the magnifying glass off a picture is to give us the crop ability, so if we crop an edge and add space, it allows it, and the original picture doesn't move.

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Gerry Wasiluk

THANKS, Steve! :)  Appreciate the reference.

Neat trick.  Should have thought of that.

Still, IMVHO :) , it would be nicer (and quicker and easier) if this was in the software itself.

One of my biggest "nits" with Storyline sometimes is how it offers few choices/options for developers sometimes with some features.  Feels all to often like we are "straitjacketed" in to just one choice.  YMMV.  :)


Jerry Beaucaire

I tried the trick suggested in the link above in SL360 and it's not working for me.  When I export the shape (the grouped pic and clear box adding space below) and reimport it, there is no added space below.

I found a workaround in PowerPoint that does work.

  1. Paste the picture into PowerPoint
  2. CROP the pic by pulling the lower edge down further, adding space to the picture.
  3. Now copy the pic and paste into SL

Quick and easy.   I tried cropping the same way in SL and it does not work.  When you drag the bottom edge away further from the bottom of the picture, SL moves the picture when you stop cropping.

Jerry Beaucaire

The 99% trick didn't work either.   

  1. When I just click the photo the right-click option is "Export picture".
  2. When I group the picture with the transparent box, the right-click option changes to "Export shape as picture", so SL is detecting it is a montage.   

But when I do the export it's still just the picture.

If I copy the montage and paste into PowerPoint, it has the extra space.  So the failure is in the export process.

Meanwhile, I have a "use PowerPoint one of two ways" to work around this.  Grr.

Steve Gannon

Sorry it doesn't work for you in SL, Jerry. I just tried it again and it works on my end in SL.

When you import the picture in SL that you exported as a shape, click on the image. Do you see the bounding box around the picture extend below the picture? If so, it's working. But remember the magnifying glass won't appear if the image is already displayed at 100% scale. Be sure the group is at the full size you want it to appear when magnified and then export the group. Import that large image, scale it down and then apply the magnifying glass.

Lacey Wieser

I'd like to add my request to this for making the built-in Zoom Picture icon moveable, without having to use a work-around.  In more than one instance, the icon covers the part of the image that needs to be seen.  It would be great if I could move the icon to a different part of the slide without having to create new images (and potentially lose image resolution.).