Zoom Region Hiding Objects

May 05, 2021

Hello Fellow E-learning Designers,

I'm running into a super weird issue. I'm using a zoom region to highlight options for the learner and for some reason when the timeline reaches the zoom region, all my objects stop appearing on the timeline. I have tried everything I can think of but I can't get the objects to appear in preview mode or by publishing the project in Review 360. However, if I remove the zoom region, the objects have no problem appearing when I press play on the timeline? Any ideas? 

On another weird note, hiding the zoom on the timeline doesn't accomplish anything. The zoom still happens and the objects refuse to show up.

Is this just a recent storyline bug? Or a bigger issue?

I'll share a copy of the slide I'm talking about here.

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Joanne Chen

Hi Aptive,

I took a look at your slide and found that I can't view/select your main background image on the timeline. That's weird and might be the factor of the issue. I am not sure why it happened and I suggest you send your file to Articulate Support for an investigation. Currently, you can fix the problem by copy all the objects and paste on a new slide and reinsert your background image since it isn't on your original slide.

Aptive Training


Thanks for taking a look at my project.

The reason you can't view/select the main background on the slide is because it was created using the record screen feature that captures all your actions and inserted as step-by-step slides. None of the backgrounds created by Storyline when you record your screen are accessible on the timeline. They just act as immovable background images if you insert them as step-by-step slides.

I tried your idea of copying the image and moving it to another slide but Storyline won't let me copy the mouse cursor from the timeline to another slide. You were right though. If I create another slide that wasn't generated by the screen recording, the zoom function works perfectly. I think I'll have to export the image and do all the instructions on a previous slide and just have a short step-by-step demo slide afterward to make it appear as if it is one slide.