CreateStudio Pro - 3D Animation Application

Aug 16, 2022

Recently I’ve been playing with a new (to me) animation application called CreateStudio. 3D animation is one of several styles you can choose with this software. In this interactive eLearning demo, ConglomCo is a fictional company that wants employees to be informed of two new benefits.

Interactive Demo:

Blog post:

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Tracy Carroll

Hi Owen! Here's my review: I like CreateStudio Pro a lot, although it's a much more complicated application than I'm used to. (I'm notorious for sticking to simple applications!)

I've barely touched the surface of what it can do. I like the fact that you can create multiple types of videos that look really different--you're not stuck with a single look/feel.

If I had to go with just one application for explainers, I would go with this one because of it's versatility. The price is good, too!

I really like Powtoon for explainers as well, but it's a much simpler, more limited application. It's quick and easy to use, and you can create multiple different types of looks easily. The pricing is reasonable, so I plan on keeping a license.

I've gone off Vyond completely. It's what I started with, but I just think it's way over-priced, and to me, videos made with Vyond tend to all look the same after awhile. It's pricing structure and features are weighted heavily in favor of enterprise users, and I think single freelancers really get the short end of the stick with Vyond.

For many years the people at Plotagon gave me a free license to use their animation tool for publicity's sake, and I used it a lot! It's very simple to use, and inexpensive even if you pay full price. I had one long-term client that really liked it. But it's a very limited application, and I haven't used it in years.