Adaptive Learning based on roles

Mar 08, 2021

I need an adaptive learning approach based on roles, not prior knowledge.

My challenge is that my client has a learning management system where you cannot set deep links to the courses of the individual roles that need to be trained (employees, managers, managers +1, specialists, etc.).

To reduce the number of courses on level 1 of the LMS, I am thinking of a course where you select your individual level or role in the first step and then the adaptive learning path starts, without having to keep 12 parallel learning paths in a single file. Certain elements of the learning path, e.g. basic knowledge, should be shared by all learning paths.

Is there such a possibility in articulate or does anyone know what is needed for this?

Thanks in advance!

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Martin Sinclair

Hi Carsten!

Hope I have got this right, but here would be my approach if I understand you...

1) create a welcome page where they choose their role. This may be buttons, slider, radio buttons etc. Their choice would set a variable (eg click button one, set JobRole = manager)

2) on each slide, EITHER have the content (text boxes / images) have multiple states. A trigger at the start of the timeline to set state of text box A to state 'manager' if JobRole = manager

So basically it changes the info displayed based on their choice

3) It may be easier to do the above with layers rather than individual states for each element on screen. eg When timeline starts, show layer 'manager' if JobRole = manager

4) Depending on your content, it should be possible to skip whole slides for certain employees. So maybe after slide 4, a line manager would click to access slide 5, which had content on it that was more in depth. A regular employee may not need to see this info, so them clicking on the NEXT button on slide 4 would skip them all the way to slide 6. 
Again, you can use the variables from the start of the course to do this. eg When user clicks button 1, AND JobRole= manager, jump to slide 5. When user clicks on button 1 AND JobRole = employee, jump to slide 6

So combine all of the above, and you can probably have mostly linear course, but each slide has more content via states, layers, or small offshoots to bonus slides before rejoining the main trunk again

Hope that helps and I've understood the issue ok!

Ray Cole

For a biosafety course I completed recently, I took the approach that Martin Sinclair outlined. Early in the course, learners are asked to self-identify their role; do they work with microorganisms, plants, or animals?Learners Choose a Role

Depending on which button they click, I set a boolean variable (e.g., Path_Microbiology is set to true if the learner clicks the first button ("I work with microorganisms") and Path_Botany and Path_Zoology are both set to false).

I can check later in the course to see which role (path) the learner selected and this lets me present a microbiologist with a microbiology scenario and a botanist with a botany example:

Microbiology scenario for microbiologists

Botany scenario for botanists

You can see the whole course here: