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Nov 08, 2016

[short-version] Anyone have good way of getting published samples into Adobe Portfolio? [/short-version] -- *IF* there even IS one?

I'm kinda surprised that when i did a search on Adobe Portfolio there weren't any (unless I'm missing something) posts about utilizing Adobe Portfolio ( ) for a quicky way to show off eLearning samples. (Maybe it's because you CAN'T? )

While I already have a few published URLs (eg. on my site, I need the ability to provide a little context/explanation as well! And then, because DevLearn '16 fast approaches, there's the TIME factor thrown in too. (Never mind the things that will get thrown at me if I tried using <iframe>s! ) 

And if NO... at least there is now be a thread FOR Adobe Portfolio, (and I can report back on my experience of it, for any would-be ePortfolio / online portfolio people).


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Janet Chafey

You'll need to use Adobe Portfolio's controls/settings. When you add an image to your page, you add an image link. For example, the link goes to a page on my personal site called  "

On my Adobe page, I let the user know that clicking on that example link will open a new window. This is an option you set in Adobe Portfolio when you add the link. 

Hope that helps!