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Michael Hinze

I use Adobe CC for subscriptions to a bunch of tools, incl Captivate, PhotoShop, Audition and others. I've never had any problems with it. Previously I also had subscriptions to earlier versions of Captivate, which I could easily cancel. You just need to pay attention to the renewal date of a subscription.

Rachel Barnum

I use Adobe CC frequently, and have never developed e-learning without it. Even simple tasks, such as creating a transparent background, is so much easier within Adobe Photoshop. There are so many great vector images out there that you can use Illustrator to customize with your organization's color schemes. You can make great, beautiful PDFs and interactive documents with Adobe InDesign to attach as resources to your courses or as job aids. Those are the three primary Adobe CC programs I use, but I've had team members use After Effects and more.

It is an organization by organization decision, of course, but if you want media rich courses - Adobe CC is incredibly helpful for that.

Michael Hinze
Dave Cox

Adobe CC doesn't include Captivate, (I wish it did), but I use is a lot. We animate a lot of our presentations with After Affects and Premier Pro, in addition to the tools mentioned above. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to do any type of creative work.

Hi Dave, you are correct Captivate is not included in CC. I forgot about that because it`s just another subscription item listed under my account :-) 

Will Findlay

Just DO NOT use their cloud file sync. I lost some important project files because it inexplicably deleted a bunch of files one day. You can read more about the disasters it has caused here:


If you decide not to take this advice and use it anyway, at least don't make the mistake of publishing your output files to it -- Articulate generates hundreds of files for each project and if you even have to restore files that were deleted you will be wading through thousands of files. Every time you republish your content, if you overwrite the previous folder, it stores a copy of all of the previous files in its archive.

Also, it thinks that Articulate Presenter PowerPoint files contain viruses and will not sync them.