Business communication_ Blending Learning

Hi All,

I am not able to think much on the task I have got. The idea is to have a blended approach on the topic Business communication Essentials( for first time managers).  Idea is:

1. To start with an elearning module with some activities so that learners come prepared.

2. Than have an Instructor led with few activities.

Program outline:

1. Introduction to the topic

2. Know your audience

3. Selecting the correct language

4. email writing

I have attached the ppt. , need your help in what can be included in the elearning and what can be done in ILT to have a better learning experience for these first time managers. Any relevant example will work wonders. Please help .



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john faulkes

It's a great idea to have a blended approach. Essentially the best experience will be to have the facts/theories in an eLearning course. Perhaps you can also have some 'test yourself' activities/scenarios (Rise is great for those) also. People who know much of this already will be able to move faster through it, and this will be appreciated.

The ILT can focus on 'Tutorial' rather than presentation. Some interactive exercises, role plays between the participants will be great. Also if people can share their own concerns and bring their own situations to the training, to discuss with the trainer, and other participants - to get tips and guidance - this will be really helpful.