Can an animated car/truck drive through a page title and delete/replace the title?

Jan 24, 2023

I am trying to create a title page for a video where an animated car/truck drives through a title, deleting each letter of the title as it passes through and then replacing the old, deleted title with a new title.  Does anyone know if this is possible? I have attached a test page that hopefully shows what I mean. 

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John Cooper

There are a couple of approaches you could take. In this example (which needs work!), the Title is split into separate characters and each character changes state as the cartoon moves over them (intersects with the text box)...

But a way simpler approach is just to use an exit animation of "Wipe" from left for the outgoing title and a "Wipe" from left entrance animation for the new title - then it's just a matter of getting the timings right so it appears to follow the truck

Renata Norton

Thanks John! Your example looks great. I was thinking about the separate character option and then trying to sync it with when the car passes over it but was wondering if there might be an easier way before going down this path.  I will give the Wipe animation a go and see how this turns out. Thanks again for your help.