Challenge #190: Design Your Own Greek Pottery

Feb 03, 2018

For this week's "colouring book" challenge, I wanted to challenge myself a little bit further by creating a project that could also be educational.

With the Olympics coming up, I decided to do something a little bit thematic. I envision this as the sort of activity that could be part of a larger Greek history module for kids in elementary or middle school.

See it in action here.

The elements were all either taken directly from Articulate's content library and remixed, or made from scratch in Photoshop. I'm sharing my SL 360 file below in case anyone wants to see how I did it, although the basic colouring book mechanics were borrowed directly from the sample file for the challenge.

Feedback welcome, as always :)

4 Replies
Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Lj,

What a great work! You have combined a lot things very successfully. I was thinking to create something similar but couldn't plan it well, then gave up. You template will help a lot.  

A quick idea for using it in another courses, this template can be used to create a page where users can design their own certificates and print it. 

And one more thing I will steal from this course is giving instructions. I realized that the way I use to give them is a bit long, and needs a lot of clicking on the screen. Thanks for sharing your template and the inspiration. 

LJ Beaupre

Thanks so much for the feedback, Ridvan! The funny thing about the instructions is that it's something I tend to make too long as well... I stumbled onto this technique only because they were the last thing I designed and I was too tired to make something complex, haha.

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places!