I want to use a concept similar to "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" for an online quiz, but am concerned that I could be infringing on copyrights etc. Has anyone done something similar and had any such issues? 

The course would be for internal employees only and not 'sold' externally; the course would look different from the real thing, but features such as "life lines" would be included.

Any help/advice much appreciated.



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Jill McNair

Hi Greg,

I think that if you change it like Bruce suggests, you are creating a "derivative work"  Here is what Wikipedia has to say about that. 

Also, here's a site that provides a "fair use" checklist if you want to see what the law says:    


Belen Casado

The links provided by Jill are very interesting.

When I read Greg's question, I was sure that some of the e-learning companies I've worked with, had not respected some copyright laws.

The example was exactly the same: using TV quizzes to engage students. The names and context were changed, though you could easily recognize the quizzes.

I think that, if "derivative work" includes such thing as The Mona Lisa with a moustache, then, for sure our quizzes are also included.

Hope that helps.

Mauro Gaiotto

Hi everyone!
I resume this topic because of some of my concern about copyright.
I work in Italy, so I guess most of you don't know how it works here. Well, so am I...
It's quite confusing and ambiguous, but I was wondering if there's some kind of "universal rule" when dealing with external contents like links, videos and photos.

Moreover, do you know where I can find videos that can be freely included in my projects?

Thanks in advance!


Bruce Graham

Videos of what?

Most (good) content is owned by someone, somewhere.

Yes - there is a lot of, and increasing amount of creative commons work out there - however - the law on usage is different in every country, and for every audience.

Best answer I can give is speak to an Italian Copyrights Lawyer, or buy media where you know you are legally entitled to use it.


Mauro Gaiotto

Thank you for your answer Bruce!
Actually, I do not need specific videos, mostly I work on green jobs, renewable energy and nature related project.
I was just wondering if there's a place where I can find free videos, something like

Of course I know that if I want good content... I have to pay someone, somewhere

Thanks for the advice!