Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Do any freelancers here request feedback on their performance? Since we are literally a service-based commodity, I'd like to survey my clients on their impression of my performance. I want to understand if there are any pain points or areas that I excel. If you do/have done this, would you be willing to share your survey questions and methods? Thanks!

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Tammy. Thanks for sharing your survey with us. I think a post-project survey is a fantastic idea. I freelanced for about 5 years before joining Articulate and one way I got feedback on my performance was by inviting clients to a project post mortem where I facilitated a conversation with the entire project team to help us all get a better sense of what we all could've done better, differently, or the same. Seeing your survey, I do think that tool probably would've accomplished much the same thing and given me more insights into competitive info like pricing and work quality that clients often don't want to tell you to your face! 

In terms of the survey itself, I think you can button up the wording a little bit more. For instance, on the question "Compared to our competitors, is our service QUALITY better, worse, or about the same" perhaps just shorten that to "Compared to our competitors, rate the quality of our service." I think it's also a good idea to tighten up the wording of the answer options or consider using a Likert scale (rating of 1 to 5, for example, with 5 being the best). Shortened options should get you the same information—but with a little less reading and decision fatigue for the reviewer.

I think I would also cut to the chase with the intro and move the LinkedIn, FB, and portfolio stuff to the end of the survey along with a brief thank you/acknowledgment message. 

I hope my feedback is helpful to you. I think a survey is a brilliant idea!

Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Thank you so much for your response Trina! I have found that clients have a tough time with throwing more energy towards the project with final meetings, but I do them when I can.

I "borrowed" some of the wording from standard Survey Monkey questions which were tested for validity which is why a few of them read the way they do, but I'll take a look at it again for conciseness as you recommended.

AND, I'm definitely moving the intro detail into a conclusion blurb instead. That's awesome!

Jane Maduke

Hi Tammy! This is a great idea and I like your survey. I tried a year ago to do something similar with less success than I would have liked. I have two new clients now -- we're just past the Statement of Work phase -- and I'm telling them up front, in the SOW, that halfway through I'll request a performance review. Then I've got a chance to improve while I'm still working with that client. I'll ask for another review or post mortem when the project is complete. 

I think asking up front is important to give them a chance to monitor my performance as we work together and then the review isn't such a surprise. It also holds me accountable for really excellent customer service and I think they know that! 

The other thing I'd like to request is referrals. If they like what I'm doing, can they introduce me to two other people, either inside or outside their organization. Have you ever tried this? 

Have you asked clients to use your survey yet? How did it go over? I'll keep you posted on how mine works this time around! Thanks for your questions! 

Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Hi Jane,

I have not used mine yet. As you suggested, I wasn't sure how well it might go over with them without any up-front mention of it. I really love your idea of getting it on the table during the SOW conversation AND getting feedback mid-way as well as post project. I've never tried to request referrals in that way either, but it sounds like an awesome idea! I think I'll get the ball rolling with all of this before I take on any new work.