Designing a Rise course to track better in Canvas

Jan 05, 2023

I'm hoping one of you heroes can come up with a better solution to this than I did!  Thanks for taking a look at this.

The Problem 

I'm embedding Rise courses as "assignments" in Canvas modules and calling them "Learning activities".  Currently, they don't have any Rise quizzes in them, so when I export them, tracking is based on completion.  I use Canvas quizzes for the summative assessments.  We're having a problem though with Canvas not immediately recognizing when one of these SCORM "assignments" is completed.  Usually, if the student refreshes, it will recognize it then, but this is not ideal!   

My Solution

Canvas seems to recognize completion better when the Rise course includes a quiz and Rise export settings are based on a quiz result.  So I'm planning to use a Rise quiz, but call it "Are you ready to move on?" and not make it look like a quiz.  It's still a bit clunky though.  Here's a sample Rise course set up with this strategy:

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Elizabeth Miles

We add Rise courses to Canvas as SCORM assignments and set them to open in a new window with the Exit Course link enabled.  We include instructions in Canvas letting students know they must click "Exit Course" to earn credit for completion, and we also have a Rise block that we add to the end of every course that reminds them to do so.  This seems to be working well as we haven't heard otherwise from students or instructors. Our Rise export settings are as follows:

  • Export Type:  LMS
  • LMS:  SCORM 1.2
  • Tracking:  Using course completion
  • Reporting:  Passed/Incomplete
  • Exit Course Link:  On

Hope this helps!  😊

Jen Obando

I've been dealing with something similar, I think. I'm pretty new to Rise. I created a course to plug into Canvas. The Rise course has several Lessons, each with a knowledge check at the end that I had hoped would report scores to the Canvas grade book. However I haven't been able to get it to report the scores. I thought that maybe I had to break up the lessons to be their own standalone asset and upload each one into Canvas as a quiz/assignment but I feel that there has to be a better solution. Any advice?

Joan York

As far as I know, Canvas won't track Rise knowledge checks, only quizzes or "completion".  I've been exporting my Rise courses to track based on completion, importing them as a graded assignments, then setting the Canvas module requirements to "Score at least".  

I did learn a new trick that might help you.  I took Cody's advice above and tested all of the different Rise LMS export options.  I'd been using SCORM 1.2, v. 4, but in the test, the xAPI tracked better in Canvas.  So that's how I plan to export them in the future.