ELC 340 - Share Your Go-To eLearning Interaction

Aug 28, 2021

This week's challenge was to share your go-to eLearning interaction.

I shared an earlier version of a slider process step graphic interaction:


And here is the reworked version including a 360 degree kitchen with labeled graphics, and an automated checklist.


The kitchen is actually our new kitchen which I did a 360 degree photo of using the Google Street View App.  This worked a little wonky - if I were doing this professionally I would invest in a 360 degree camera.

Features I Took Advantage Of

This interaction includes some recent Storyline feature additions.

  • 360 degree photo 
  • custom player color
  • custom thumbnail

360 degree photo

To add a 360 degree photo to your project click on Insert, 360 Image Beta

360 degree image beta insert

Once inserted, click on Edit 360 Image

360 degree edit image

A new window allows you to add markers and hotspots as well as some triggers.

360 degree markers and hotspots

My triggers set a bunch of variables from "false" to "true" and showed layers.

Custom Player Color

You can set a custom player color in the Player menu.  Click on Colors & Effects.

player custom color

I like the fact that there is a eyedropper tool so I can get just the right color.

custom color

Custom Thumbnail

This is a new feature you might not be aware of.  Rather than just have this


You can have this

waiting with picture

This feature was also recently added to the Player. Click on the Player, Features tab, then check the Course Thumbnail box and click the + Thumbnail link.


I enjoyed taking my old interaction and "moderning" it up.

If you want to explore my project more you can download it here.


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