Embedding a website with speech to text enabled

Feb 24, 2022

Hi we are tying to embed an interactive website into an articulate module and we use the full functionality of the website. Here is the scenario and the link to be embedded:
  1. We have built a role play simulation using Natural language processing and the learner participates in the simulation via a chatbot. 
  2. To interact with the chatbot you can type in your question or speak into it using the mic.
  3. The chatbot responds back in text.
We know that we can use the type function, but we are unable to make the speech function work.
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Ron Katz

Not sure if you are asking how to include this chatbot in a Storyline module.  If so, you can use the WebObjects function.

What I noticed is when I followed the link outside of Storyline, it requested permission to use my microphone.  It did not request permission when I ran it through Storyline.  Do you think may the website doesn't recognize the user as a new user who needs permission?