Estimating Seat Time

Aug 10, 2022

Hi all, I'm working on a course that has multiple links to external sources. I'll have to discuss with the client whether they feel those links are there to help IF you want to learn more, or if they feel that it is mandatory to read the links (at the moment I'm pretty sure they feel they are not mandatory). 

When calculating seat time in a course with lots of helpful-but-not-mandatory external links, do you include the content of those links when calculating seat time? I did not, but one of our pilot participants felt the estimated course time was wrong because of the links. 

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I typically explain to participants in situations like this that the "Hours" listed in the LMS are not unlike "Credit hours" at a college or university. It does not equate to actual time spent in a seat or the additional study time on your own, rather it gives an indication of how long it should take the average learner to go through the CORE material.