Feedback: Using Variables for The First Time Demo

Dec 13, 2022


I've been wanting to practice creating a course with numeric variables for some time. I have books on the brain because my book club's Christmas party is coming up this Thursday. Plus, I'm an unapologetic book lover and would create 100 projects about reading if I could think of it!

I created a fiction profile type quiz using the Pick many question option. I tallied up the results based on the number of selections that would result in steering the learner to a recommended genre.

Finally, I wanted to create an experience that made the learner feel the content was created just for them personally.

I kept this one really basic with the numeric variables because I wanted to practice. Let me know what you think. I'm open to feedback on improvements I can make in the future.'s+The+Best+Type+of+Book+For+You/story.html

P.S. I'm hiding my initials in my demos these days. Let me know if you find it!

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David Anderson

Nicely done, Kandice! This type of project is a perfect use for number variables. Make sure you share this one in challenge #388 (personality quizzes).

Here's some minor feedback:

  • The opening quote disappears before I can read it. Consider adding a click event so slow readers have time to absorb the text.
  • Bookshelf hover causes a shift in image size. This happens sometimes. If you open the hover state, you can reset the size to 100%
  • The submit button (book) sometimes shows the "submit" text and other times doesn't

Oh, and one more thing:

Kandice Kidd

Hi Dave!

Thank you for taking time to review my demo. I'm going to make these changes right away.

I sometimes worry about adding too many clicks, but I think you're right that a click event would be good because I really love those quotes! I didn't know that about my hover state. I probably had been looking at too much and didn't catch that. 

Good job with the initials! 


Bianca Woods

Hi Kandice. This was so charming! It's so much fun getting other people's book recommendations—especially when they're tailored to the genres I enjoy most.

Using the Pick Many question option was a clever idea. It made filling out the questions super easy from a user perspective, and I bet it made building the quiz easier too.

As for improvements, two small things came to mind as I was playing with this:

1) I found the sort of warning sound effect on the sci-fi results screen a bit jarring compared to the music for the other genres. Maybe a different music effect or an option to turn it off would be helpful?
2) This is a super small thing, but the visual perspective on the book-shaped Submit button didn't match the image of the bookshelf below it. It's definitely not a must-change thing, but finding a book icon with a similar perspective to the other graphics on the screen could make the visuals fit together even more.

A screenshot of the e-learning personality quiz. A book-shaped Submit button is displayed above an illustration of a bookself.

So... any chance you'll do a new version next year with all new books to recommend?!

Kandice Kidd

Hi Bianca!

Thank you so much for reviewing my demo! Oh, that was good feedback about the sci-fi sound. I'll see if I can find something less intense. 

I can see what you mean about the book button. I'm going to hunt for something that fits a bit more.

Ooh, what a good idea about doing it every year. What's your genre?  Or were you an Outlier? I realized that I had to create an option for people who might be more eclectic in their tastes.

Mine is mystery/thriller but I read lots of books, so it was fun to offer recommendations.


Judy Nollet

Fun project! Though I think it needs a non-fiction path. :-)

Here's one issue I noticed: I couldn't click the word "Submit," but I could click the image of the book. I assume that's because the trigger is just attached to the book image. Or the book image and the text might be grouped, but groups don't always behave the way you expect. 

Here's a solution:

  • Create a text box (or shape) with the word "Submit," and give it the same size/aspect ratio as the book. 
  • Go to Format Shape>Fill, and fill it with a picture (in this case, your image of the book). 
  • Go to Format Shape>Text Box, and adjust the margins as needed so the word appears where you want it. 

This is part of what I call "group therapy." For interactive elements, I think it's much easier to have just one object to deal with, instead of multiple objects that need to be grouped.

BTW, when editing states, you can insert or paste additional shapes, icons, etc. within any or all of the states. For example, you could insert a checkmark shape in an object's Visited state. Even better, you can add animations to those extra objects with a state. So, for example, that checkmark could fade or wipe into view. 

Kandice Kidd

Hi Judy!

What a good idea for a new project! I'm reading quite a few non-fiction books over the holidays so maybe I'll tackle one next year and then you tell me what you selected.

Oh, that is a great tip about the creating the group. What I did was place the "submit text" over the book and then I think I added a hotspot (I need to look again).  I've always struggled with animations when working in states. I'm going to play around with your tips tomorrow. 

I really do appreciate your feedback. It's so helpful!

Thank you!!