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Allison LaMotte

This is super slick, Phil! I like how you've made it seems like the fruit on the left-hand side goes off the slide. And I love how you've hidden the navigation buttons unless you however over them. Looks super sleek and modern! Thanks for sharing the source file with the community! I'm sure people will get great use out of it.

Phil Mayor

Thanks Nancy, I have had the image in my head for a while now with the idea being to build something. 

Now the honest part, i built this interaction for a client (at their request) but when delivered it was obvious it didn't fit their content. I got permission to unbrand and repurpose and have now used it in two different things in 2 days!

Developer 01

I have done the customization in Storyline 360. I used JavaScript for that.

Following customization are possible in Storyline 360:

Change player background color.
Change player button icon colors.
Change next button color when timeline ends of particular slide, whenever you want to change color of next button.