Food safety ideas


Looking for some inspiration for a food safety training program that I need to convert to an e-learning course.

My current idea is to have 4 sections:

  1. Intro to food safety
  2. Potentially hazardous foods
  3. Food safety factors
  4. Food safety program

I was going to have users able to select the section they want but feel it is then getting very linear, once they are in each section. Section 2 was going to have a selection of food types and they have to identify if they are high or low risk foods. Not sure if this will  be a drag and drop and how many pages this will take (up to 30 images).

Any new ideas would be appreciated.


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James Brown

I would suggest that you present this in a mutli-teared scenario based enviornment. I.e. you are a worker at Pop-up Johnny's and someone left a mayonnaise container out over night. Do you use the unrefrigerated mayonnaise or not? If they do, say two weeks later the health department closes down Johnny's due to a salmonella outbreak.

Again, start off with goals that you want to obtain from the training that are measurable and obtainable. If your goal is to simply inform, a YouTube clip could do that. You will also need to make the training relevant and memorable by the learner.