Glassmorphism Demo & PowerPoint Tutorial

Jul 26, 2021


Glassmorphism is sometimes called the frosted, or virtual glass, look in UI design. The idea is to have a background-blur on an object, giving the impression of a frosted glass panel.

eLearning Demo:
Blog post:

There are many ways to create this effect, but one of the quickest and easiest ways is to use the Shape Effects tool in PowerPoint to apply a Preset effect. View the short tutorial below.

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Joshua Merlijn

Thank you for your guide. I did a cool presentation thanks to you and your recommendations. 

Did you think about an idea to create your own youtube channel with all your guides? I would follow you instantly :3

How to create fake 3D effect is also a good thing you might be interested in. It became my second feature of the presentation :3

Tracy Carroll

Hi Francois,

If you have Articulate 360, then you have Presenter installed in whatever version of PowerPoint you have installed. Presenter is accessible in the PowerPoint ribbon. It's possible to create effective eLearning courses with Presenter, combined with Engage and Quizmaker, which are also included with Articulate 360. It's an alternative that some of my clients use, rather than Storyline 360.