Guidance Document for eLearning

Hi everyone,

I've been tasked with developing a guidance document or checklist for novice eLearning developers on our team. Many of them are not grasping the concept that eLearning is NOT a voice over PowerPoint with bullet points. The document needs to include specific rules such as "every ten seconds there must be an interaction." I realize that every module is different, but looking for some direction on where to begin. Has anyone created a standards document like this that I can reference? 

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Bianca Woods

Hi Liz. Framing the full possibilities of what e-learning can be is definitely a challenge with people new to the medium: particularly if their main experiences with e-learning have been the voiced-over PowerPoint experiences you mentioned.

Our free E-Learning for Beginners e-book might be a helpful starting point: specifically the Making E-Learning Effective chapter. It outlines many practical approaches and best practices designers and developers can use to make great e-learning. You could share that section as-is or use it as a jumping-off point for creating your own standards document or checklist.

Also, seeing strong examples can help developers get a clearer picture of what e-learning can be. In addition to a standards document, you could also curate several examples of the kinds of e-learning experiences you'd like them to strive for. The E-Learning Examples section of E-Learning Heroes has a wide range of sample interactions and courses you can pull from.