GUIDE: How to Upload Storyline Content to the Web Using Amazon S3

Jan 03, 2018

Hi All!

I've seen many people asking for additional help on how to upload Storyline projects using Amazon S3, so I put together a tutorial that should help out. If you have any additional questions or if anything needs to be modified, just let me know in the comments below.




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Kim Cruz

Hey Devlin! Thanks so much for this tutorial! I've just created my AWS account and first bucket with my first story. I want to ask you though, since I chose the AWS basic and am still within the free tier  (12 months), how would aws charge me after this? In general, how or what are the costs for storyline objects in AWS or google cloud? 

Thanks and looking forward on your insight on this. 

Bridget Brown

Devlin -

I am finally circling back to this and while I followed the corrected instructions that Lanie gave above, S3 is telling me that my bucket and all of the files are public, nothing works when I click on the Story.html links. Any ideas?  Instead, I get this:     

Celito Macachor

Is there any way to restrict access to enrolled students without making the bucket public. The url to the  story.html file in S3 file can be freely copied and pasted and the Storyline course can be accessed. I tried using  bucket  policies using http referrer and ip addrress restriction but get an error similar to Lannie's above ("This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." I hope somebody can show the way with these bucket policies. Not having much progress with S3 documentation or forums.

gemma marsden

Hi!  I have been using  S3 for a while now but have been asked to see if I can get metrics for the resources.  I am not sure where to start...

I am uploading directly to the S3 management console.

I need access, time spent on site for each access,  and if possible % completion.

Grateful for any help!

Celito Macachor

Hi Devlin, 

My problem is how to protect with bucket policy. The url of the uploaded file set to public can be copied and pasted in another tab and the storyline output will be displayed. I tried protecting with http referrer bucket policy. The bucket policy I created seems to be okay since this was done with AWS policy generator and no errors were reported, but I can't make it work. Maybe I am not understanding the AWS documentation too well, but I still cannot find a working example, or find any useful guides in the AWS forums. I hope you can help. Thanks.

Ryan Govreau

I have gone through the steps and successfully uploaded my first project via Cloudberry Explorer. After making the project output folder public, I click on the story.html within that folder and expect to get a link; instead I get an "Object URL" that when clicking prompts me to download the file. It does not open the SL project. Any advice would be appreciated.