Health & Safety gamification example

Jul 17, 2018

I've been working on a gamified health and safety elearning course for my employer over the last couple of months. The learner takes on the role of a health and safety inspector and travels around an office identifying hazards and deciding how to handle them. There are several interactive infographics for topics such as manual handling and even an interactive video of a fire alarm, where the learner must leaded their character to safety. It's definitely the most complex course I've created!

I've removed a few things for confidentiality and removed the branding but unfortunately I can't share the source file as it's client work.

Let me know what you think!

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Kim Ellis

Hi Josh, this is great!

Although I got stuck in the cafeteria section as there was no all clear button.

I really liked the slider for manual handling and how you could choose the levels in whatever order you wanted.

I agree with Phil, there was a little too much lag before each interaction/section started for my tastes.

Overall, a job well done!


Josh Goodswen

Thanks everyone and thanks for the feedback!

Doreen: I left that out deliberately as I wanted to encourage exploration. If there's a number indicating how many hazards were left, I think a few people would just click around until the found it instead of progressing.

Stéphanie: It's difficult to judge the hours as I was working on other projects simultaneously. If I was working solely on this then it probably would have took 5 or 6 weeks, including the instructional design time.

Kim: Do you know what happened before the button disappeared? I've not run into that bug before. Thanks for finding it. The videos before the hazards are to build the atmosphere and break up the content a bit.

Kim Ellis

Hi Josh, 

The first time I had explored all the other levels and completed them.  Then I clicked the sick lady first and saw that branch, then the boxes, water and ipad.  Then I looked for the All Clear sign and didn't see it.

I then reloaded the course and went straight to the canteen, clicked on the sick lady and then the hazards, again no all clear.

I've just gone back and done it again - the all clear button is there until you click the sick lady.

So i've just done it another time, i managed to complete the floor by not clicking the sick lady, i clicked all clear and then Audrey said she didnt look well which went down the first aid route and the other one and completed the scene.

Hope that all made sense.

Josh Goodswen

I think it's a bug to do with revisiting saved states once the infographic links back to the hazard slide. It's working fine on the client version which I published before updating to the latest version of Storyline. I republished the client version and it has the same bug, but nothing has changed since I last published it expect the update.

I've also noticed the videos are a bit paler since the update. Is there anyway to roll back to a previous version on Storyline?

Cindy Shaver

This is a great course Josh!  I like how Vyond and Articulate meshed so well in the course. Looks like you put a lot of time and thought into the design. I'm just starting work on re-designing our Workplace Security and Travel course from scratch.  This gave me some great ideas, though mine will be a much simpler version as I'm not near as advanced in Articulate or Vyond.

Hassan Izhar

I've dedicated the past couple of months to developing an engaging gamified elearning course centered around health and safety for my employer. The course adopts a unique approach, casting the learner as a health and safety inspector navigating an office setting to identify hazards and make informed decisions. The complexity is heightened by interactive elements such as infographics on manual handling and even an interactive video showcasing a fire alarm scenario where the learner guides their character to safety. While I've ensured confidentiality and removed branding, regrettably, I can't share the source file due to it being client-related work.