Hi there! I'm designing Salesforce "step by step" video training in Articulate 360 and need help with navigation control.

I want to guide learners linearly through five Modules beginning with the Intro slide. I've created a MC question slide at the end of each Module, and I'd like to use "completion" to ...

1. Hide the navigation Module flag (trail sign) on the Menu slide,

2. Populate a breadcrumb (trail sign), and

2. Unlock the next Module.

Is there a way to control navigation and animation concurrently? I know how to animate, but I'm looking for advance navigation design suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Judy Nollet

When it comes to control, variables and trigger conditions are your best friends.

For example, you could have a T/F variable (initially set to False) to track completion of each module. When the user passes the quiz at the end of a given module, set the associated variable to True. On the Menu, have it change the State of the next-module button to normal with the condition that the variable associated with the previous module is True.  

If none of that makes sense, check out Articulate's tutorials about variables and conditions. They're so handy, it's definitely worth your time to learn how to use them.