Ideas for eLearning based on understanding the roles of workers

Hi everyone, 

I've been scratching my head as to how we might develop a module that focuses on showing the learner how their role will need to interact with other roles in the company. The training is targeted to workers of a specific role. For example, how permits and forms need to be carried on from one role to the next to be finalised and approved, the responsibilities of each role and how they all work together, what needs to be communicated to other members of the crew. 

I hope that makes sense, thanks guys :^)

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Zsolt Olah

The answer depends on how often this flow changes. If every month you change up the roles/responsibilities an updated chart is probably better. But if it is somewhat stable you can create a "build your own workflow" interaction with roles, responsibilities, inputs and outputs. Basically, let users experiment with putting the right people in the right place to do the right thing. When it is not, the character can tell about the consequences. For example, an approver of some form can say unless I have XYZ form filled out correctly, I can't approve production. You can make this as simple as "interviewing" roles and how they're stuck because of others to a simulation depending on time and budget.