Ideas for Extra/Additional Learning Features

Apr 04, 2021

Hi, I am new to the community but thought I might be able to get some advice.

I am an LMS developer for an online real estate school.

Aside from the course content and delivery, what are additional features that you have found the most effective at enhancing the student’s learning experience, e.g. discussion forum, rewards, saving notes, etc.?

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Pradnya Maske

Hi Thomas, 

Well answering to your question, aside from the course content and delivery, Today’s schools are adapting to new technology to improve the way they educate their students. Implementing an LMS is one of the first steps taken, and it can have a profound impact on the way teachers and their pupils interact.  

The following list highlights seven features that are ideal for an academic environment. 
1. Learning Paths with Progress Tracking 
2. Interactive Discussions & Activities 
3. Personalized Learning Features 
4. Parent Involvement Features 
5. Blended Learning with More Content Options 
6. Assessments, Quizzes, & Surveys 
7. Storytelling Features 

I hope they inspire some new ideas.