Instagram OR Pinterest

Sep 12, 2014

Hello Community,

This is my first use o the forums, I think its a good way to come into the forums.

I'm trying to decide between using Instagram or pinterest for my photo sharing. At the last challenge on social presence, only one person or so showed an instagram account...whats the diference? Which is useful at the professional level.

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Tim Slade

Hi Daniel,

It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Are you sharing personal photos OR are you a professional photographer sharing photos from your portfolio. I would say that Instagram is geared towards personal photo sharing. As for Pinterest, you can share photos and all other types of media from the web.

Daniel Adeboye

Hello all, thanks for your feedback.

Someone also suggested uploading directly to linkedin. My only challenges with that is the inability to keep track of all the pictures for future reference and purposes and also the restrictions to linkedin users and my connections only! What do you think?

I might want to consider uploading to flickr for now, trying to learn it and see if it meets my need as I use it. 

Thanks again for your responses.