Is a personal LMS a thing?

Aug 23, 2022

Hi Heroes, 

A significant number of users (high school students) will be attached to their school's LMS, but the majority of users will be 1x1 sales. I have to restrict navigation but don't want users to have to re-watch stuff to reach where they stopped last time. What would you recommend? Is it feasible technically (and financially) to run my own LMS? Is there a service I can rent perhaps? I've tried looking and I'm sure it all makes sense to people already familiar with LMS. I  have never used one before and ... I just get confused. One of the joys of being 68. ;-)  

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Gregory Bissky

Thanks Cristie.

I was a freelance corporate trainer/consultant/speaker/author for 30 years.
I never worked with video or online before I started this retirement
project. I thought it would be simple, just make the course and sell it. In
my mind, it was just like selling seats for a seminar. Wiser Greg now knows
it is a LOT more complicated than that. I'd never even thought of this LMS
issue until a week ago. I've looked at talentlms and yes, something like
that seems to be what I need. Thank you.

Christy Tucker

If your courses are just video, not built in Storyline or Rise and published to SCORM, you also have options for course creators like Thinkific, Teachable, and Kajabi. Those LMSs are designed for selling courses that are usually videos plus PDFs (like workbooks). You might want to look at those as well. TalentLMS might be cheaper, but it probably has more features than you need.