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Dave Cox

Hi Vic,

Workday LMS is pretty rudimentary. To test your modules without access to Workday LMS, I would suggest that you test them in SCORM Cloud, using the settings that your client has specified for Workday. If they run in SCORM Cloud without problems, then they should run just fine in Workday as well.


  • Digital course versioning coming
  • Via Mass Admin Enroll, can assign a course to individual with a due date
  • Via Campaigns, can assign content to dynamic audiences (example, new hire)
  • No one supports Flash lol
  • Depending upon course design, course time can be tracked
  • New Home and Discover learning experience allows for audience customization
  • Search engine has been improved, but always room for improvement
  • Learning Experience consume enhancements improved completion experience
  • Now offers retraining options
PTLW Training


One of the biggest issues I find is that the system is not adaptable at all. It is what it is and you can't change it. 

- There is no inherant way to create content within the LMS. Like quiz building is the biggest one. Most LMS's (I find) allow you to build a question bank and quiz or test so that it is separate from media etc. workday is very limited in only allowing you to create a survey or add questioning in a video clip. 

- The survey function drives me nuts. It has to be pre-created and then it has to be sent out. So you can't use a survey as a work around for the quiz issue above.

- There are a whole bunch of mandatory fields when creating a course, lesson, or program. And if you don't specify it, it won't let you proceed. For example, if you choose to create a blended learning course with one part instructor led in class, you must specify a location for the classroom, you must specify an instructor etc. 

- There isn't an easy way to enroll a student into a course or program from the course or program page- you can only enroll learners from the 'mass enrollment' function, and then only if they are from within the group  you already suggest. Or a learner can self-enroll. 

- The only options for lesson creation are external content (web link), webinar, classroom, media, training activity (But again, you must assign an assessor), or survey - which has to be pre-created, you can't do it from within the course. 

- Something as simple as a check box to say 'I have done the pre-reading' isn't available. 

- As a content creator or administrator I can't create a course or program and preview it immediately. I have to launch it, and then go and enroll in the program before I can view it. 

- It is not easy to delete a course or program. 

Fred Budd

Hi All.

This thread is very helpful! My organization is looking at Work Day in pursuit of an HSM Suite solution. We are on Cornerstone now and I think the LMS is the next best thing to Saba (my opinion). We have our demo this week with WD and I have created a set of questions based on your comments. I am not a big HCM Suite LMS fan. These tend to be treated as the ugly step child out of the entire HCM stack. Your comments just confirm my years of experience. Not to say that any HCM Suite LMS platform could be outstanding if the proper attention and resources are provided. I just don't want my organization to be the Guinea Pig. Thanks,