LearnDash Progression Problem

Feb 12, 2022

I published a Storyline 3 course into LearnDash and for some reason it won't mark the lesson as complete.  I do have the LearnDash Progression for lessons and topics plugin installed and when I originally put the lesson into the LMS it finally worked with my Beta testers.  I opened up the course to the employees and have immediately gotten emails saying they've started the course by the Storyline lesson won't allow them to progress.  I'm so darn frustrated.  Can anyone help me?

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Christy Tucker

Can you log in as a test user and view it yourself to see what's happening? You can create a test user for that purpose or use the Uncanny Toolkit with "User Switching" turned on.

Once you test it yourself to verify what's happening, your best bet is probably to reach out to the creators of the plugin for troubleshooting. Assuming it's this plugin, they have a support form at the bottom of the page.